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[19 Apr 2005|09:58pm]
[ mood | content ]

Life is full of so many surprises/downfalls/unexpected troubles/ and unexpected happinesses.
Its def. a whirlwind.

Life is surely going good right now =) and I have realized that when life is good you need to take in each moment like its your last.

Lately I have tried to realize who are themselves and who arnt.
And when I mean thensleves I mean that they dont change no matter what the situation is, no matter who they are around, and no matter how people tell/expect them to act. And you kno what I realzied? That nobody is themselevs 100% of the time. You may beg to differ, and go right ahead. But its what I feel, and I think its true.

Im not saying anyone is wrong to do so, because I think some of it is human nature to act in that sort of manner.

But there are some cases where I can call people F A K E. And its so clear that they are that its not just me who sees it. Others do as well. And its those people who make me sick. They make me have less and less respect and care for them each time I see them. I believe that people should try and be themselves to the highest extent possible. But its when they change themselves to try and become more "popular" and so on, that it disgusts me.

Maybe Im wording myself wrong, but at this moment in time its the best I can do.

Also, what I tend to laugh at alot is:
I like the work and teachers more then some of the people at our school.
Is that odd? Maybe.
But its life.
Ill have to deal. ♥♥
p//s Dont get me wrong I love about 97% of you guys. This long ass entry only pertains to a roaring 3%, lol.
p//s// Good Luck on STAR Testing tomorrow!

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[08 Apr 2005|08:59pm]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

Why does it seem that when one thing goes wrong the rest of the day seems to be following in that same path.

A family friend of mine passed away last night. He fell asleep behind the wheel, hit a ditch and then rolled his truck. Its hard to believe it right now, and I think its because it has not yet "clicked" with me that he is..gone. He even has two young childen who have to be left with another family member because their mom isnt even with them right now because she has certain problems she has to deal with. Why does things like this have to happen to people who least deserve it?
My dad says that drinking might have been a part of why this all occured. This is going to be added on the list of why:

When one thing in your life gets you aggravated/upset, do you ever feel yourself begin to think about E V E R Y T H I N G? And some how connect it with "bad"? I always seem to find something wrong with everything which then makes me more upset and angry. I dunno how to explain it...

I need to relaze that lives are never perfect and there is nothing in my life that is that bad that I need/should complain or get mad over. I have relaized who my real friends are, I have a wonderful boyfriend, a caring family, and Im healthy. It is so easy to write it down, but lets see if I can actually admit to myself that im just over-reacting about these littel things.

R.I.P. Michael Keller
We Love you. You will be in our prayers.

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[06 Mar 2005|01:00pm]
March 5, 2005
Happy 6 Months

..best months of my life ♥♥
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[28 Feb 2005|09:52pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

For Solono Theatres play that I am in:
Wizard Of OZ

I found out today that I got the part of:
The Wicked Witch of the West/Ms. Gultch (thats who she is before she turns into the witch)

 ^ thats me!!

I couldnt be happier =D

I hope many of you come and see the play in M A Y.
♥ ♥

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[27 Feb 2005|07:51pm]
[ mood | content/cold ♥ ]

Long time since I have written in L.J.
I love to read everyones more then I do write in it. Thats for sure.

It so nice and refreshing to be able to make time and have a girls night out. Definatly have not had one of those in a while. I almost forgot how much fun they are.
I loooooove Kristan, Heather, Kym, and Laura xoxox
Chillis annnnd Concord mall :Ow Owwww: =D

Anyone who hasnt been there, go. It is sooo good.
Went there with my L O V E ♥ Wonderful Time.

Tomorrow is final auditions for my play and then we recieve our parts!!! Im so excited/nervous =)
p/s/ Totally random entry, I kno.
p/s/s/ Im bringing my digital to school tomorrow so look H O T!!!!

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[15 Feb 2005|07:24pm]
[ mood | ]

When your used to nothing special on Valentines day (execept my moms cute little goodies she gives me every year) you dont expect much. But this Valentines Day exceeds all expectations. I spent all day with Robert who I love VERY MUCH. I could NOT have asked for anything better! Little surprised kept popping up everywhere =D

♥Red Roses and Balloons on my front porch ♥Docorated locker when I arrived at school (Great job to my baby! And also to Mitch. Also, Kristan your smile was soo big! Yay! Im so happy for you!!) ♥Spent some wonderful time with Robert after school ♥Brought me to Red Lobster (best time and meal I have ever had) ♥and then to end it all off, a movie.

Thank you for everything Robert <3

Also, I was VERY happy to see people who didnt think they were going to have a good Valentines, have a great one! Theres always someone out there to make you feel happy and special. Boy or Girl. Also, thank you Kym for my box of chocolates =)

♥ ♥

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[06 Feb 2005|09:03pm]
[ mood | Thankful<333 ]

"You speak and it's like a song
And just like that all my walls come down
It's like a private joke just meant for us to know
I relate to you naturally
Everybody else just fades away
Sometimes it's hard to breathe
Just knowing you found me"

I Love You Robert Roland Engel ♥

I have not written in LJ for quite some time now.
Its usually because Im with someone and that person posts what we did through out the night, lol. Or maybe its because Im just lazy. Hm, not sure.

This weekend though was amazing =)
Friday was a lot of fun hangin out with everyone. Expecially the girlies =D Going to Target with Laura and Kym getting new (extremly cheap) glasses, and then taking pictures! Gosh I seriously love it!
Sat. was Sierras partyyyyyy, fun stuff. Me and Roberts 5 months, and also was Mitchs badass party. Seemed as everyone had a great time. I will have to say, Mitch throws the best partys without even meaning too, haha.
Dancing, going crazy, jello shots, Shreks...ball sack?
Lmao, Ill stop there.

Today was also great, went to Stephans with the cool kids watched the Super Bowl and played poker. yes, I actually played. Lost but still played =)

Well I personally LOVED seeing everyone smile this weekend. Everyone needs at least one day to go crazy and have some fun, letting what drama has builded up through out the week disappear. I love you all so much. Im finally realizing that I do have some great and trustworthy friends. Yessss =D
♥ ♥

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[26 Jan 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | drained ]


Is it mostly a girl thing? Im sure everyone has gone through it at one point or another. Its just upsets me how little things can bother me, and even make me cry. Something that is important to me can be small and not important to others, making me look weak. And its not that I am, its just I wish everything went and was perfect.
Which is quite immpossible I should understand, because I dont even believe that anything is perfect. I will say your life may be close to perfect, because at times I feel mine is, but then there will always be little kinks in the way of what we wish our lives were like.

Maybe when girls are in the emotional state its mostoly because of the one word girls dread: PMS.
Or maybe its just because we care about everything a little to much, and wish the world was perfect. And when something un-perfect happens it feels like our dreams where smashed which makes us express our feelings.

*&$*&#*($& Im probley just rambling on at this point, so I should stop.

Just remember one thing, if I or anyone at that matter cries in front of you its not because they are weak, its because they feel that comfortable with you to be able to express how they are feeling hopeing you will be there to understand and comfort.

I still feel sick =\ Man.
Good Night ♥ ♥

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[23 Jan 2005|05:36pm]
[ mood | surprised!!!! ]

We finally got a puppy!!!!

A beautiful, baby girl, Golden Retriver named Packer =) It was a total surpirse for me and my sister to recieve her. After getting up this morning, I heard the garage go up, so I went outside and there she was in my dads arms, little Packer. She is so precious!! She came all the way from Arkansas, which was a long drive for her little body. So she definatly needs rest =)

Here are some pictures: Here she is....Collapse )

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[18 Jan 2005|05:36pm]
[ mood | thankful <3 ]

...and I definatly feel like a NEW women.

I got a freakin new car!!! Finally!!! A red Kia Sepheia Sedan
.Crazy.I.Kno. =D
♥ Got my hair done. Wanted a change. Blonde and Dark brown, def. change (sort of). Buuuuut, Im cool with it. I like it, its something different and thats what I wanted!! =)
Definatly, those are the two major things I did over the 3-day weekend.

Oh annnnnddd... my love, Robert, bought me season one of "That '70s Show"
HECK YES! So if any of you love that show like I do, you should come over and watch an episode or two.

Now we are...back to school =\
it actually is kind of exciting:

...and I started Softball Conditioning =) YAY!
♥ ♥

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